Type of job:                  Health care profession

Special sector:            Health care

Competencies:           A nurse must care the well-being                                                                                    of the  patient

Education:                   The right qualification is importan                                                                                 for the rules and the regulation of                                                                               the individual countries, because                                             every country has there own rules                                                                              for nursing



first year of apprentice:           900€ to 950€

second year of apprentice:     950€ to 1.000€

third year of apprentice:        1.050€ to 1.100€


state university:                       2.000€ to 2.300€

ecclesiastical university:         2.000€ to 2.300€

private university:                   different pay


The tasks of a nurse:

+Takes care of the medical and hygienic provision

+Give the doctor everyday information’s of the patient,                                 how they feel (visits)

+Checks the vital functions of the patient                                                          (important ckecks:breathing, heartbeat, pulse, …)

+They do daily tasks for example supply small and                                             big wounds, hand out the medicine to the patients,                                           blood loos, implementation of infusions

+For operations or check-ups they prepare everything                                    for that. In addition they care the well-being of the                                            patient in a operation




Draftsman (Architect)


In this job you …

  • should have talent in preparing technical documents and drawing
  • have to be reliable and work precisely
  • should have spatial imagination
  • should be able to work alone
  • should have mathematical and physical understanding
  • should have understanding of technology

For this job …

  • you need a successful high-school diploma or an equivalent level of education

We are interested in this job because …

  • we can make drafts of buildings
  • we like to draw



In diesem Beruf …

  • solltest du Begabung im Anfertigen technischer Dokumente und im Zeichnen haben
  • solltest du zuverlässig sein und präzise arbeiten
  • solltest du räumliches Vorstellungsvermögen besitzen
  • solltest du in der Lage sein alleine zu arbeiten
  • solltest du mathematisches und physikalisches Verstehen besitzen
  • solltest du Verständnis für Technik besitzen

Für diesen Beruf …

  • brauchst du einen erfolgreichen Realschulabschluss oder einen gleichwertigen Bildungsstand

Wir sind an diesem Beruf interessiert weil …

  • wir Zeichnungen von Gebäuden anfertigen können
  • wir es mögen, zu zeichnen

Back in Germany

After three weeks of travelling in the north of India, we are finally back. Here in Germany everything is so different: You don’t see animals in the streets, you can’t hear constant beeping from all the cars and people only wear black and grey clothes: Life here is soooo boring compared to our experiences in colourful India…  We visited lots of various places: the mountains in Shimla, the crowded streets in Delhi and the busy bazars in Jaipur to name just a few. It is impossible to tell you which place we enjoyed most as all of them were so distinct.


Inside a temple

Not only did we see all these amazing places, but we also got to know so many awesome people. The teachers and pupils at Nehru World School were not helpful: They were way more than that.


Students from Nehru World School welcoming us

They invited us to their homes and took us to so many interesting sights. Moreover, they would always be there if we needed help. They organized whole days for us taking us to temples, malls and much more. The students welcomed us in the most hospitable way singing  a song for us, mentioning us in their speeches and even playing the German national anthem for us.


A student from Nehru World School with our school’s „Abraham Calender“.

That is why we really want to go back there soon. And next time we would like you to experience everything with us, not just on a blog but in real. Hopefully, the project will work out and we will be able to travel to North India next year.

Inter School Competition ‘Creo 2014 fest’

In our last week in India we were happy to witness a very special event that was organized by Nehru World School: Inter School Competition ‘Creo 2014 fest’. It is a three days event with 850 students from 19 Schools competing in 20 different events. There was a jury, consisting of famous and important people.


Jury member, school director and school principal on the stage

As events, we saw amazing dance performances, students arranging ‘Ikebana’, creating paper bags and we also listened to Hindu poems. Even though we weren’t able to understand the poems‘ lyrics, we were touched by the passionate way the students performed them.


 Not easy to tell how many arms can be seen here

The students knew in advance in which event they would participate and seemed to be very well prepared for the competition.


Will they be able to finish this Ikebana in time?

At the end of the day all students gathered to find out which school won in the different events. The winners received their prizes on the stage.


Students, teachers and volunteers waiting for the winners to be announced

Sightseeing and Shopping in Jaipur

Today we will tell you more about our impressions of Jaipur and its surroundings. The city is famous for its various bazars that we checked out on the first day (yes we are girls…). We had to get used to the way of shopping here, as it is very different from shopping in Germany. There are no fixed prices and the vendors always want to convince you to enter their shops. Of course they try to make best profit so you have to be careful and never pay the price they first suggest.


View on one of the bazars

Outside the city center there are many palaces. Three of them are located high on a hill: Tiger Fort, Jaigarh Fort and Amber Fort. Amber Fort is one of the main tourist attractions in the region. Still we got the impression that we are a better motif for photographs than the actual sight. At least six groups of people asked us to take a picture with them.


Amber Fort

As you have a fantastic view from Tiger Fort we went there to enjoy the sunset.


View from Tiger Fort

To perfect our touristy day, we went to a place called Choki Dani and had a traditional meal there. Choki Dani is not only famous for it’s traditional food, but also for its ethnic dance shows and performances.


Traditional dinner in Choki Dani

Trip to Rajastan – Land of the kings

Sorry that it took us so long to share this post. We had some difficulties with the internet connection in our hotel. Even though the hotel is very modern it happens that the internet doesn’t work.

After having worked at the school for a couple of days, we decided to visit a place that is said to be typically Indian, yet totally different to what we already saw: Rajastan.

Fact file

Rajastan means “Land of the kings”. This state is located in the north-east of India at the border to Pakistan.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajastan with 2.5 million inhabitants living there. It is about 300 km south-west of Delhi. The city is India’s most popular tourist destination after the Taj Mahal. One of the reasons for this is the pink colour of all buildings in the city center. In the 19th century (when the Prince of Wales visited Jaipur) the Maharaja decided to paint all buildings pink (it is the colour of hospitality). That is why Jaipur is also called “Pink City”.


Ms Mokry and Ms Shimada in front of the Palace of Winds

One more reason for Jaipur being so popular among tourists is the amount of historic buildings like palaces and castles that you can find here. Even the hotel we stay in used to be a city palace.


Our hotel

To find out more about the palaces and other sights read our next post!

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